Rooftop Korean BBQ

Guess what? This is my 100th post! (Thanks for sticking through for the past 8 months!)

I’ve been waiting for something 100th post worthy for quite some time now and I finally have the perfect story to share with you!

I was in NYC over the weekend and one of my best friends threw me a rooftop Korean bbq with all my friends! She made EVERYTHING from scratch and fed 12+ people the most delicious food. It was her first time making Korean bbq and she prepared all the components to perfection.

A roof with the perfect view

Sizzling chicken, kalbi (Korean braised short ribs), and onions

Hot off the grill: These were gone in seconds

Homemade pickles (daikon radish [left] and cucumbers [right]) provided the perfect crunch!

Bellies full!

We reclined, laughed, and watched wisps of clouds travel over the Williamsburg bridge.

I wish I could bottle this moment and take it around with me forever.

The bottle would read: Rare Delights

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