On vacation

My automated message when I worked in an office went something like this:

“I am away from the office and I will have limited access to my email. I will get back to you as soon as I can. In the meantime, please contact X if you need immediate assistance.”

But now I’m expected not to really check my school e-mail (I still check it everyday if I can!) or communicate with anyone until the start of the semester without explanation.

So, I was just going to disappear for a couple of months, but then I figured it wouldn’t be fair for all of you!
Plus, I don’t want to lose you, devoted readers!

Since school is out, I’m spending a month in Europe and the rest of the summer in Korea.

I’ll try my best to update you on the delicious and fun things I’m doing but it may be sporadic as I won’t really have access to the internet and my photos for the next month.

A preview of my next post:

Virgin Atlantic’s in-flight meal and service!


1. The longest meal service of my life on any given airline to date! It just wouldn’t end! You would think that they would want to get it done so that they could do other things!

2. I was almost poisoned by one of them but she cleverly said “I can’t guarantee anything” about the allergen information before blatantly lying to me. Good thing I check all food labels!

3. And there was a butter fiasco.

Intrigued? Hope so! I’ll be back with the full story and photos in a month!

Happy summer!


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