Morito: Spanish/Middle Eastern Tapas

When I saw her come out of her office, I immediately remembered the last meal we shared seven months ago.

A divine early dinner at Jason Atherton’s Pollen Street Social!

Snacks before dinner: Chicharrón and olives

The highlight of the meal: Slow cooked egg, chorizo, and “patatas bravas”

Although we had barely communicated since I instinctively knew she was going to whisk me away to another fabulous meal.

I rarely trust people when it comes to food recommendations but she is one of the select few I genuinely do not question. If I could, I would have her tell me everything she eats all day, everyday and recreate her diet to precision.

After walking around a bit we ended up in front of Morito in Exmouth market with two wine cocktails in hand to get us through the hour wait.

The service was slow and choppy but we were happily seated at a curbside table eating dinner on a Wednesday night at 10pm.

A silky smooth tomato gaspacho with shrimp and avocado (oops…out of focus!)

Crusty bread rubbed with garlic and tomato topped with ham, blue cheese, and sardines +Fried potatoes with herbs

Scallops with chorizo and roasted tomatoes

Our last order of fried baby squid was lost because some confusion between the wait staff but we were too caught up in filling in the gaps from the past few months that we didn’t really care.

Instead, we ended our meal with a cheese plate (I forgot to take a photo of!).

Could we have eaten more? Probably. Would we have enjoyed it? Most definitely.
I can’t wait for our next food adventure!

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