Airport treasure hunt

Everyone already knows that I’m interested in airline meals and airport restaurants. But I don’t think I’ve written a post about food found in airports.

Here are some highlights of what I found at various airports last month!

1. New Flavor 

Bolognese flavored chips at Orly.

It was the first time I saw this flavor! Didn’t get to try it, which I regret tremendously.

2. Miniature

Food magnets at Pisa.

The small boxes of pasta really contained miniature pasta!
So could this mean that I would get a taste of Limoncello from that tiny bottle?

I was tempted to buy one for “research” purposes but I contained my desire once I saw that it was 7.50 Euros each.

3. Novelty

Reindeer and Moose steak at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

What was my favorite you ask?

The $42 reindeer steak!

Did you know Rudolph had such a high price tag?

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