Pisa Airport’s Secret Cafeteria

I’ve been pretty lucky this summer.

Of the 9 flights I have taken, only one from Pisa to London was delayed for 2 hours.

Have you been to the Pisa airport? It’s jam packed with stores and people! It’s disorganized and grimy, like an old train station.

I walked around to find a place to eat but all the fast food/take away places did not entice me. Instead, I went upstairs and found a cafeteria that was filled with “locals” rather than tourists.

I observed what people were choosing off of the compact buffet line and noticed that the “locals” were actually airport employees. The cooks knew them by their first names and openly gave them extra portions. Relieved that I found an alternative to the numerous tourist traps below, I decided to try the food for myself.

I quickly learned that the pasta carbonara and tuna salad were the popular dishes among the employees that day.

When I took my first bite of the pasta, I immediately understood why almost all of the employees had selected this.

It was light and airy with a flavorful hint of pancetta. It was nothing like the other carbonaras I have tasted! It was simple and straightforward. The salad (minus the canned olives and corn) was hearty and satisfying as well.

As silly as it may sound, I felt really proud for having found a “local” spot as I ate my lunch among the Italian airport employees.

It was a nice calm lunch away from the anxious travelers in the congested terminal.

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