Birthday Week Breakfast

Do you eat something special for your birthday?

I usually like to eat miyuk gook (seaweed soup) the traditional Korean birthday soup.
(I’ll share my recipe when my birthday rolls around in a few months!)

Another special occasion I was able to witness while I was in London was my friend’s 30th birthday! He proclaimed a full week his birthday week and had made plans to feast like a king each day.

I got to share a birthday week meal with my friend and the birthday boy. I was super excited because it had been 3 weeks since my last home cooked meal. I had been craving the taste of home.

It actually didn’t matter that it wasn’t the taste of my home per se. It was more important to me that my friend was cooking in her kitchen with ingredients that could be found in her fridge.

My friend lightly sauteed the spinach and poached eggs for us. She also brought out toast, cheese, and biscuits. I was so pleased because the dish was uncomplicated and clean.

The birthday boy on the other hand made fluffy french toast topped with fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream.

Ice cream for breakfast?

Why not? It’s his birthday week!

As I watched him beam as he ate his special breakfast, I made a mental note to recreate that moment for myself.

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