Breakfast in Stokey

One of the eeriest feelings I’ve had recently was visiting my old neighborhood in London.

Stoke Newington aka Stokey has become the hip place to live since I moved out. A lot of the Turkish shops have transformed into restaurants and small boutiques. I also saw a lot of Über Hipsters cruising around.

One thing that remains the same is the corner French bakery Belle Epoque.

I used to frequent this place with my dormmates for study breaks. We used to each order a quiche, salad, coffee, and a dessert and spend our precious time away from the books talking about our worries, discussing concepts we learned, and gossiping about our fellow dormmates.

For old times sake, I went to Belle Epoque for breakfast during rush hour on a Thursday morning.Image

Sipping a cafe latte amidst the hectic flow of people going to work made the drink taste more luxurious.


I ordered a vegetable and goat cheese quiche with salad. The quiche had just exited the oven so it was warm and jiggly.

Although the breakfast was very satisfying, I did regret visiting the bakery because it made me miss my former dormmates and the fun times we shared in the cafe.

Despite the familiar tastes, being there alone was chillingly unfamiliar.


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