The photo of the beautiful scallions were taken last summer at Sang Lee Farms (

Just like their slogan “Fresh-Lee-Cut” these scallions were freshly pulled the morning of my visit.

The owners Fred and Karen Lee are old family friends. Their CSA membership is so high in demand that the rumor on the street is that there’s a long wait list.

When I visited their farm last year with my dad, Fred gave us a personalized tour of all his fields and told us about the transformations that his business gone through in recent years. I’m so happy that they were able to redefine their business model and become one of the major players in the New York CSA scene.

He asked: “What do you want for lunch? ” and proceeded to dig up or pick heads of lettuce, carrots, onions, radish, peppers, tomatoes directly from his field.

Once the salad was composed, a douse of Karen’s delicious dressing went over the top and in our bellies it went!

This sounds cliched, but it was THE BEST salad that I’ve tasted in my life.


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