Kimchi Chocolate

What flavors and textures go well with chocolate?

Fruit, nuts, salt, wafers, pretzels, chile, wine, tea, coffee, spices, and herbs are some of the usual combinations. I personally like pink peppercorn and earl grey tea infused into my chocolate.

But what are your thoughts about pairing kimchi with chocolate?

I’ve seen Japanese tourists buy a bunch of these at the Inchon International Airport in Korea. I never ventured to buy a box for myself until this August because they scare me a bit. Can you even imagine what they would taste like? I seriously doubt the spicy, sour, garlicky, and fishy flavor profile of kimchi would go well with chocolate.

I totally dismissed them. … …  But then I got curious. Now aren’t you wondering about them too?

I tried buying a box at the airport but I was told that the line was discontinued but may return in the near future. The lack of availability made me want to try them more!

According to the vendor, the chocolates are filled with a creamy kimchi filling (!) that didn’t have an overwhelming kimchi flavor.

If I were able to secure a box, would you try them with me?

Tomorrow, I’ll share my thoughts on another box of chocolates.
This time I will have tasted it so expect better descriptions and details!


Garbage Salad

It’s dinner time and you are about to board a five hour domestic flight in an hour.

What do you choose to eat?

a. Quickly buy a sandwich or salad to eat on the plane.

b. Line up for fast food.

c. Get a table at a pseudo restaurant.

d. Wait till you get on the plane to buy food.

Yesterday, I decided on option C because I was in the mood to indulge myself in the experience of airport dining. I chose Harry and Izzy’s because they are famous for their shrimp cocktails and steaks in Indiannapolis. I actually didn’t end up ordering either because “Garbage Salad” caught my eye.

The menu promised shrimp, Italian meats, cheese, celery, artichoke hearts, and tomatoes. Yes, I admit that this combination doesn’t seem appealing at all to begin with but I decided to try it out anyway. I also got a filet slider because I really don’t like traveling hungry.

First, I was disappointed that there was only one shrimp, sliced in half and the red thing you see on top was the strangest thing. I think it was a red pepper stuffed with some type of herbed cheese but I decided not to eat it because it made me think of a human pinkie. There were also some bits of mystery meat–brown and clumpy.

It was so random that it really made me think I was eating garbage! Where was this coming from? What were these things that were not even on the menu? I realized that the ingredients out of context was really getting to me.

I should have known what I was getting into but I’m glad I tried because now I know what to expect when I see garbage salad on the menu. Is this an Indiana thing or would I be able to find it in other parts of the US as well?