Bacon Strips!

You’re so over hearing about my nyc trip, right? Well, I’m kinda over telling you about it.

All in all, I was able to go to Murray’s cheese, Murray’s bagels (twice), Jung Sik, Danji, and Rosewater. I was meaning to go to many more spots but the snow storm really impeded my mission.


Nothing is better than ending a long day with a bit of ridiculousness.

Have you heard of Epic Meals?

Well, they are a bunch of guys who claim: “We make your dreams come true, and then we eat them.”

To me, they define foul play when it comes to cooking. They basically use fast food to create dishes and layer in bacon strips to everything like it’s their job.

It’s absurd and gross.

In this clip, they are making fast food lasagna.
Start watching at 2:36 if you get bored with the food ordering process.

Surprisingly, they have a massive following ( 10,975,025 views on this clip on youtube) and there are 24,900 related clips on youtube. They are so popular that there are even spinoffs and parodies featuring young males.

Why is this appealing to men?

Is it the combination of fast food, bacon, and alcohol?

Or is it the way the main guy barks at you?

The interesting thing about the latter part of the clip is  the way it is filmed. Close ups and step-by-step procedures are similar to the generic cooking show formula. Also, the guys seem to be knowledgable of a wide range of cooking techniques.

So is this a social commentary about America’s obsession of fat, unhealthy food or are they for real?