An empty fridge

My school doesn’t believe in fall breaks so I scheduled my own this weekend.

This was the only weekend that I had free to visit my sister and 7 month-old niece in LA until next spring so I leaped at the chance.

I arrived pretty late on Friday night and was starving despite the garbage salad and slider I had for dinner. I eagerly went to the fridge and opened it, expecting to find something tasty.

To my horror, the fridge was empty except for a few condiments, a little bit of milk, and a small amount of miso soup: exactly half a ladle’s worth. I ate the soup but soon after guilt settled in. Should I have saved the soup for my sister and brother-in-law?

An empty fridge makes me sad. It shows how we can all get so busy that we put aside grocery shopping, cooking, and enjoying leisurely meals.

I woke up bright and early the next morning and dashed to the market. I bought 9 packs of chicken thighs, 1.5 pound of brisket, 4 packs of frozen cod, a jarred thai curry sauce, and vegetables. I decided to make one or two dishes per day that would freeze well.

I first made chicken curry with eggplant, zucchini, squash, carrots, celery, and onions. I couldn’t find the indian simmer sauces that I have used before made by Seeds of Change so I tried a new brand called Curry Love. I chose the Thai yellow curry because the other curries were labeled spicy. It wasn’t very good because it didn’t taste much like Thai yellow curry. However, if you pretended it wasn’t Thai curry, it was good.

I only had a taste off my sister’s plate because I wanted to take advantage of being in LA. I made a quick trip to Tinga, a casual Mexican restaurant and ordered a burrito filled with adobo braised pork, black beans, and ¬†arroz con crema.

Next, I’ll be making fish jeon, Korean pan fried fish, chicken stew, and braised brisket!