The Nut-Giver

This week’s theme: Food Gifts!

I like to get food as presents when I’m traveling. I usually get chocolates and nuts because they are easy to fit into my bags and they aren’t heavy.

Last Sunday, I went to the Hollywood Farmers’ Market in LA and got a bag of pistachios to bring back. I’ve bought these before and they have always been a hit. I personally can’t comment on what they taste like because I can’t eat them (I’m allergic, remember?) but I hear they are delicious.

My sister first introduced me to these pistachios ( a few years ago. Last December, on my way to stay with a friend for winter break, I bought the holiday variety pack and received a free tote! They have flavors like: Onion garlic roast, lemon zing, hickory smoke, and chile-lemon.

I decided on the salted ones for the occasion.

For some reason, I enjoy gifting nuts even though I can’t eat them. I think it’s because it makes me feel like I can taste them vicariously through other people.